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Customer Reviews

Yash_Verma, 17/02/2022
Loved it ☺️

Yash_Verma, 17/02/2022

Yash_Verma, 13/02/2022
Awsmm ❤️

Kesavanathan_B, 12/02/2022
semma ya iruku use pandradhuku.amount within 1 hour la send pandranuga.Easy to converting the money within one hour.Really thank you for this website.

Stephan_Raj, 04/02/2022
Very Nice Service & Payment Rate Awsome

vel, 16/01/2022
Order completed 5 mins. Very fast.

vel, 03/01/2022
Exchange completed within 5 mins.

Ravita_Ahirwar, 27/12/2021
when first time i started livexchanger i was afraid about them trusted/not but now i am doing thoughands of dollars exchanges here , they are very fast, amazing service

Ravita_Ahirwar, 06/12/2021
They provide the fastest service always. I uses many exchangers before also but they take a long time but livexchanger my favorite now fast and has excellent delivery.

Rajesh_Chauhan, 15/11/2021
Order ID: 1050685 Date: 15/11/2021 21:50 Exchange rate: 80 INR - 1 USD Email address: rkchauhaniwil1@gmail.com To Perfect Money account: U34207129 Remark RAJESH KUMAR CHAUHAN